Frequently Asked Questions

Which water is the best for me?

We have learned that, when it comes to water, what a person believes, needs or wants is very personal. At Sedona Water Works, our mission is to provide you with a wide selection of pure waters to choose from to meet whatever your personal need, want or belief about water. We will not try to steer you to one type of water or another, but we will provide you with all the information you need to understand our water choices and we promise our water will be produced to the highest standards of purity possible.

How can I know your water is so pure?

We test our water for purity each and every day. We use a method called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which is an indication of how much “stuff” is in the water. (However, it doesn’t tell you what is actually in the water. To determine this you would need to have the water analyzed by a lab.) TDS is a quick and easy way to get an indication as to how pure the water you are drinking is (we will even test water you bring into the store for TDS levels if you request).

EPA Regulations state that a maximum level of 500 parts per million (ppm) is allowed for municipal drinking water, but many municipal drinking water systems exceed this level. When the TDS level exceeds 1000 ppm, it is considered unfit for human consumption. A high TDS level in your drinking water can result in undesirable tastes (salty, bitter, metallic) and could indicate the presence of toxic minerals or chemicals. Ideal drinking water levels are below 50 ppm.

Sedona Water Works water is tested each and every day. We maintain our reverse osmosis water at a TDS of below 15 ppm (usually around 10 ppm). When the TDS of our RO water starts to climb, it is an indication that the filters need replacement and other routine maintenance needs to be performed.

Our distilled water consistently test at a TDS level below 3 ppm – which is the highest level of purity that can be obtained with any water purification method available today.

I buy my water in bottles at the grocery store. Why should I switch to your water?

There are multiple reasons to switch. Foremost is cost. On a per gallon basis, you are probably paying between $1.69 to over $8.00 per gallon for your water if you buy it in bottles. Over time, you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year by switching to buying your water from Sedona Water Works.

Additionally, do you really know where the water in that bottled water came from, how long ago it was put in that bottle, or what it has been exposed to during storage and shipping? Forty percent of bottled water starts out as municipal tap water. By the time that bottle of water gets to your grocery store, it might have been bottled weeks or months earlier. It may have sat in a warehouse or the back of a hot truck for days or weeks. And being bottled does not mean it is safe. In the USA, there have been over 100 incidents of bottled water contamination that has resulted in product recalls.

You know exactly how our water is produced and purified. And it is made on-demand, just when you want it, so it is always consistently pure and fresh!

Using your own bottles means you always know what has been in your bottle – and you won’t be contributing to more pollution of our landfills!

I buy my water from a vending machine at the grocery store and it is cheaper than your water. Why should I switch to your water?

No grocery vending machine can consistently produce the level of pure water made at Sedona Water Works. Grocery vending machines typically contain a small filtering or reverse osmosis system. These systems can produce reasonably good water for a short period of time, but the level of purity declines rapidly as the filters and systems become clogged with chemicals and sediment. Furthermore, if the filters are not rigorously maintained and changed often, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

At Sedona Water Works, we have commercial water purification systems that contain much larger filters and membranes that we meticulously maintain and change on a regular maintenance schedule. We have redundant systems to purify the water, such as ozone and ultra violet light which kill all bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. And, in addition to reverse osmosis, we offer the purest water possible with our distilled water system. No grocery vending water machine can come close to matching this level of consistently pure water.

I get my water from a natural spring up the canyon. Why should I switch to your water?

While this water may be “natural” and cost nothing, you may get a lot more than you bargain for if you drink water directly from a natural spring. Water analysis which was conducted in 178 streams across the US found at least one hazardous chemical in every stream. Over 20% of these streams had traces of 10 or more chemicals in them. The sad reality is that there is virtually no stream, at least in the developed world that has not been polluted by chemicals to some degree. Add to this other types of pollution that occur regularly in natural springs, such as contamination from human and animal waste products which produce outbreaks of coliform bacteria (e.g. e coli) and/or parasites like Cryptosporidium which is commonly found in human and animal feces, and you are truly playing Russian roulette if you drink from this source without purifying the water first.

At Sedona Water Works, the processes we use to purify your water effectively remove all chemicals, bacteria, parasites, viruses and other hazardous substances from the water. No matter which type of water you choose from us, you can rest assured that it is free from any harmful substances. We meticulously maintain our water purity processes and we test the purity of our water daily to insure that our processes are producing the level of pure water they should.

I get my water delivered. Why should I switch to your water?

Many of the reasons to consider switching to Sedona Water Works water from delivered water are the same as switching from bottled water – i.e., saving a lot of money, knowing that the water you are buying has been rigorously purified and knowing that your water was made on-demand just for you, and that you can select from a wide variety of options to get the water that best meets your needs. Additionally, when you buy delivered water you don’t know what might have been in that bottle you get before it was delivered to you or how it has been sanitized, handled and stored.

Getting your water delivered is a nice convenience and, unfortunately, because we are not a licensed bottling plant, we are not able to offer this service to our customers. We hope you will find the reasons above compelling enough to give us a try. At Sedona Water Works, we strive to offer outstanding customer service. We will always clean and sanitize your bottles and we will carry them to your car if requested.

If distilled water is so good, why don’t other water stores sell it?

There is a very simple answer to this – cost. It costs about 10 times as much to invest in a distilled water system versus a reverse osmosis system, which is why most water stores simply sell reverse osmosis water. At Sedona Water Works, we wanted to bring to Sedona the purest water possible and to provide our customers with a choice of water selections that can meet their varied water needs.

Our mission at Sedona Water Works is to offer our customers a selection of pure waters to choose from, available at a fair price, and combined with exceptional customer service.