The Health Benefits of Distilled Water

The Health Benefits of Distilled Water

Distilled water (and reverse osmosis water) is sometimes called “dead water” because they do not contain the minerals that “natural” water contains. However, the term “dead water” is more appropriately applied to water that is polluted with chemicals and toxins and unsafe to drink.

Distilled water is, in fact, the closest water to what real natural water is. In nature, water on the ground evaporates, leaving behind any pollutants it may contain, and rises into the atmosphere where it is cooled and returns to earth in the form of rain, which is pure water (as long as it doesn’t encounter any pollutants on its’ journey back to earth). This is how Mother Nature purifies our water and is the way our water is intended to be. The distillation process follows this natural cycle by turning polluted water into steam, leaving behind any harmful pollutants, then condensing the pure steam back to pure water.

But what about all those “good” minerals that “natural” water contains that distilled water does not?

Most minerals contained in water are inorganic and are not absorbed by the cells of our body. Organic minerals, on the other hand, are found in your diet – the vegetables, fruit, grains, seeds, nuts and meats you eat. Our body easily absorbs organic minerals and very little, if any, organic minerals come from the water you drink.

The inorganic minerals contained in water either simply pass through our body, or worse, accumulate in our joints, artery walls and other places in our body. These deposits can contribute to gallstones, kidney stones, arthritis and other health problems. Drinking pure distilled water actually helps your body eliminate the accumulation of inorganic minerals by helping the body flush them out.

Doesn’t distilled water rob the body of essential minerals?

Distilled water does remove those inorganic minerals that your body cannot use and which can accumulate in your body. This elimination of unusable minerals from the body is sometimes erroneously referred to as “leaching”. Distilled water does not leach minerals from your body or bones – it collects and removes inorganic minerals, which your cells cannot use, and which if not removed can lead to health problems.

Many experts say that drinking distilled water can aid in the prevention or lessening of gallstones, kidney stones, arthritis, hardening of the arteries, cataracts, and kidney and bladder infections. Distilled water increases the purity of your blood, helping all your body’s organs, and decreases irritation on the kidneys.

Doesn’t distilled water taste funny?

Distilled water actually has no taste or odor. You may be so used to drinking water with additives in it that distilled water at first tastes flat or funny to you. However, what you taste in other waters is the additives in the water, not the water itself. Once you get accustom to drinking distilled water, you will quickly taste the chemicals and additives in other waters and these waters will become distasteful to you. One important point, distilled water should ideally be kept in glass containers or only high quality plastic bottles. Avoid putting distilled water in flaccid plastic bottles (usually #2 on the bottom of the bottle) as it will start to taste like the plastic in the bottle!

Don’t forget about the water you use for cooking!

You should use distilled water not just for drinking, but for all your cooking as well. If you use water with additives or chemicals in it to cook, you may actually be increasing the concentration of these harmful substances in your food. For example, if you boil your pasta in water that has any level of a harmful substance in it (nitrates for example, which are common in tap water), you may start out with a low level, but as you boil half the water away, this level can become concentrated to a very high and very unsafe level!

Using distilled water for all your cooking, for making coffee and tea, soups, fruit juices, baby formula, ice cubes, etc. will insure that your food is free of any contaminants from your water. And your food, coffee, tea, soups, etc. will taste much better as the true flavor of the food will be all you taste – not the chemicals that were in the water you cooked it in! The food will smell better to! Distilled water is also ideal for anyone who requires a low sodium diet.

Distilled Water is also perfect for many other uses where chemical/residue free water is ideal:

  • Humidifiers
  • House Plants
  • Sleep Apnea Machines
  • Photography
  • Steam Irons
  • Aquariums
  • Cleaning Floors and Countertops
  • Complexion Care

And don’t forget your pets – they want pure water too!

Our mission at Sedona Water Works is to offer our customers a selection of pure waters to choose from, available at a fair price, and combined with exceptional customer service.