Home Distillation Systems

Home Distillers

If you want the convenience and security of always having clean, pure water on-hand at home or at the office, consider purchasing a home distillation system. Distillation is the gold standard for producing pure water. A home distillation system has many advantages over other water treatment methods:

  • Exactly duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation – which is how Mother Nature creates fresh water on the Earth;
  • Easily and effectively removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Removes the widest spectrum of water pollutants more effectively and consistently than any other water purification method, even at high levels of pollution;
  • Consistent and reliable results over the lifetime of the distiller - unlike filters and systems such as reverse osmosis that decrease in effectiveness very quickly as the filters deteriorate.
  • Systems that use filters can experience bacteria growth in the filters when the trapped bacteria actually grows and multiplies within the filter and can even grow through the filter.
  • The distillation process does not allow any contact between the contaminated water and the pure water. The water becomes steam, leaving behind the pollutants, and then the pure steam is condensed into a clean container as pure water. With filters systems or reverse osmosis, the filters and membranes are the only thing that separates the contaminated water from the clean water. If the filter or membrane deteriorates and fails, the contaminated water will pass through to the clean water and contaminate it.
  • Distillers are very trouble-free appliances that require a minimal amount of maintenance and service for efficient operation.
  • Distillers are very durable. It is not unusual for a distiller to continue to operate effectively for decades, with only minimal maintenance.

We carry the Pure Water* line of home distillation systems: the Mini Classic CT*, the Midi Classic* and the Mega Classic*. Pure Water* distillers are made in the USA with the highest quality design, materials and components. Some Pure Water* Distillers are over 40 years old and have produced over 40,000 gallons of fresh distilled water, and are still working! Durability, reliability and longevity are what you are buying when you purchase a Pure Water* Distiller.

* Registered trademark of Pure & Secure LLC