Bringing Water to Life

Our mission at Sedona Water Works is to offer our customers a selection of pure waters to choose from, available at a fair price, and combined with exceptional customer service.

Water Never Tasted So Good!

Let out dedicated staff take care of your water needs. Enjoy Economy and Premium Waters, a large selection of water bottles and containers, as well as state-of-the-art home distillation systems.
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    Economy and Premium Waters

    Reverse-Osmosis, Reverse-Osmosis with Minerals, Distilled Water, Distilled Water with Minerals, Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water, and Alkaline (KANGEN*) Water. Read More

    Water Containers

    Quality plastic and glass water bottles, workout/hiking bottles, water crocks and crock stands, and emergency/camping water purification supplies. Read More

    Home Distillation Systems

    For the convenience and security of always having clean, pure water on-hand at home or at the office. Read More

Store Information

Store Hours
Monday-Saturday, 10am to 6pm
Sunday – 10am to 2pm
Can’t make it during store hours? We also have 24/7 water vending machines for reverse osmosis water.

About Water

We are passionate about Water! Read our helpful articles and get educated about the water you drink.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is everywhere. It comes from waste from manufacturing plants and processes, from runoff from agricultural pesticides, from leaks of fuel additives and gasoline from underground tanks, from runoff of heavy metals or radioactive ...

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How to "Clean" Water

There are numerous ways to purify water. The most common method used by water stores is what is known as reverse osmosis (RO). Reverse osmosis forces water under pressure through semipermeable membranes to separate pure water ...

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The Health Benefits of Distilled Water

Distilled water (and reverse osmosis water) is sometimes called “dead water” because they do not contain the minerals that “natural” water contains. However, the term “dead water” is more appropriately applied to water that is polluted with chemicals and toxins and unsafe to drink ...

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Which water is the best for me? We have learned that, when it comes to water, what a person believes, needs or wants is very personal. At Sedona Water Works, our mission is to provide you with a wide selection of pure waters to choose from to meet whatever your personal need, want or belief about water ...

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Which Bottle Should I Use?

We always recommend glass bottles for your water, particularly if you store your water in your bottles. Water is the best alternative to insure the purity and taste of your water. However, we realize that glass is not always the most practical solution for everyone. For one thing, glass bottles are ...

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