Water and Water Pollution

Water and Water Pollution

Even though man has studied water for centuries, for the most part, water is still a mystery to us. Sure, we can define water chemically as H2O – two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom – but we have never actually seen a water molecule. Water is mysterious. It is the only substance known to man that exists as a liquid, gas (steam) and solid (ice). The solid form of water, ice, is less dense than the liquid form – another unique quality of water. Water dissolves more substances than any other known liquid and is virtually indestructible.

Water is life.

You are approximately 60% water. Your brain is 70% water, your lungs almost 90% and your blood is over 80% water. Water helps regulate our temperature, helps us digest our food and eliminate waste. You can live for several weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Without water, life as we know it would not exist.

Water is a finite resource.

The amount of water that existed billions of years ago on Earth is much the same as the amount that exists today – it never goes away, but always reappears in one form or another. Over 96% of that water is in the Earth’s oceans, and not readily available to us for our needs. As mankind continues to pollute more and more of Earth’s water, the water we bathe in, cook our food in and drink has become less and less pure – and less safe.

How safe is the water you use?

If you drink your water from a municipal water system that is regulated, it has to meet certain standards and is safe, right? Not necessarily. According to research done by the New York Times, since 2004 over 49 million people have been exposed to concentrations of chemicals above the limits set by the Safe Water Drinking Act, the law that regulates municipal water supplies. Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that violations of the Safe Drinking Water act have occurred in every state, including Arizona. Millions of people become ill every year from contaminants in their tap water and about 1,000 people die each year as a result of drinking unsafe water.

Even if the municipal water system is doing it’s job and not in violation of any Safe Drinking Water regulations, it may not be good enough. Only 91 contaminants are currently regulated. But more than 60,000 chemicals are commonly used in the United States and can find their way into the water you drink. Hundreds of these unregulated chemicals have been associated with increased risk of cancer and other diseases, even in small amounts. Even for those 91 chemicals that the EPA does regulate, it is now believed that the level that was once considered “safe” may actually be too high. For example, the legally safe level for arsenic is at a level that is now believed would result in approximately one in every 600 people developing bladder cancer in their lifetime. Most of the standards contained in the Safe Drinking Water Act have not been updated or changed since they were established in 1974.

Water pollution is everywhere.

It comes from waste from manufacturing plants and processes, from runoff from agricultural pesticides, from leaks of fuel additives and gasoline from underground tanks, from runoff of heavy metals or radioactive materials, from animal waste and dead animals entering the water source, from drugs flushed into the water supply, from sewage and waste runoff, from aging water pipes which leech lead and copper, and even from the very chemicals that are frequently used to purify municipal water systems (e.g. chlorine). Pollution is pervasive and has resulted in virtually no sources of water left on Earth today that do not contain at least some trace of one or more of these chemicals or some other forms of pollution.

Protecting yourself and those you care about...

To protect you and those you love (including your pets) you should become educated on the dangers that might be present in your drinking water and what options exist to insure the source you obtain your drinking water from is free from contaminants. After all, your very health is dependent on the quality of the water you drink every day!

Our mission at Sedona Water Works is to offer our customers a selection of pure waters to choose from, available at a fair price, and combined with exceptional customer service.